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When it comes to working towards antiracism, equality diversity and inclusion, as well as equity (fair distribution of opportunities, resources, and benefits to all), Keep It Simple Training Company strives to be a leading light. We offer services such as coaching to support inclusive leadership, antiracism in the workplace. Equality at work makes the world go round!

Antiracism training and consultancy and antiracism online course

Online Course Welcome by Grace Graham, Executive Director at Keep It Simple Training Company

Keep It Simple are specialists in providing bespoke antiracism training and consultancy. We work with a variety of organisations who are on the side of side of social justice, and want to make a social impact. We support organisations who want to do the following:

  • Develop long-term equality, equity, diversity & inclusion strategies
  • Create antiracist and racially inclusive cultures
  • Have sustainable behaviour change

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Our interactive antiracism training courses and workshops of discovery are designed to be thought-provoking and help people think about personal responsibilities when working towards culture change. The main focus is on individuals, teams, and organisations and what they want to do to work towards creating a positive and inclusive work environment. for themselves and others. Design and delivery is one of our key strengths to creating tailor-made antiracism programmes. Working in partnership with organisations and their teams is essential to us. Online courses enable more people to access and learn.

Antiracism online courseonline course and antiracist education

The five elements our antiracism workshops and antiracism online course address are:

  • Moving from fear to feeling empowered
  • Communication
  • Addressing and overcoming barriers to antiracism
  • Exploring and discovering pathways to antiracism
  • Personal Responsibility and Behaviour change

Equality diversity and inclusion

Promoting equality for us is about taking proactive steps to address barriers and promote fairness. This may include changes in policy, as well as individual responsibility and actions to promote diversity and inclusion. Keep It Simple can help you to design and deliver your own training that centres on antiracism, diversity & inclusion consultancy and policies that support equality diversity and inclusion in order to build a more cohesive work environment. The Equality Act 2010 can be included as part of any training required.

We work with you no matter where you are

No matter where you are in your into antiracism journey, whether at the start or well advanced, Keep It Simple Training Company can work with you. We cover London, the UK and beyond, so no matter where you are, we’ll work with you. Our online courses make it easier!

Our aim is for people to get talk about anti-racism as easily as they drink tea!

Grace Graham, Founder & Director of Keep It Simple Training Company Ltd

We can now work with more people through our antiracism online course!!!

Keep It Simple Training Company has its first antiracism course online, and can help organisation to create their own online course on antiracist education.