Antiracism Training & Consultancy

Our dedication to antiracist education in the UK

Working towards antiracism and racial inclusivity can be challenging at the best of times, bringing up resistance and all sorts of negative thoughts and feelings when it comes to discussing racism in the UK and beyond. This is certainly true when it comes to having an open and respectful dialogue.

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Antiracism workshops

Our interactive antiracism workshops are designed to be thought-provoking and help people think about their responsibilities when it comes to taking action towards antiracism. The equality and diversity act can be incorporated in the training, if that is a requirement. Healthy communication is at the heart of what we do!

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The object of our bespoke training and consultancy work is to focus on what individuals, teams, and organisations can do to work towards creating a positive and racially inclusive work environment. for themselves and others. They can be delivered as one-day or half-day workshops, short sessions (2.5 hrs), or one-hour introduction sessions. We can also do short, medium, or long-term antiracism training and consulting project work with organisations, as well as antiracism design and delivery. We work with organistation to prepare modules and pre-records on the subject of Equality Diversity & Inclusion or antiracism.

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Antiracism and racial inclusivity in a nutshell

Anti-racism focuses on action against racism, systemic and structural racism as well as the oppression of marginalised groups

Racial Inclusivity focuses on taking usually discriminated against or marginalised groups into account when it comes to policy, environment, and structure to create equality, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, community, or the wider world.

Antiracism corporate training and, design and delivery of workshops

These antiracism corporate training workshops are designed and delivered to focus on antiracism, the barriers we have in working towards it and tailored to each individual organisation. It also covers working to overcome barriers and then working towards pathways to antiracism. Effective ways of communicating and emotional safety run through the course of these workshops. There are five elements:

  1. Anti-racism: Moving from Fear to Empowered
  2. Communication: Addressing and overcoming barriers to healthy conversations on race and ethnicity
  3. Addressing and overcoming barriers to anti-racism
  4. Exploring and discovering pathways to anti-racism and racial inclusivity
  5. Behaviour change: Taking personal and organisational responsibility

*** We can work in partnership with organisations by creating tailor-made Equality Diversity & Inclusion modules ***

Aims of our antiracism training courses and consulting, and online course

  • Develop healthy conversations about anti-racism and ways to promote it in your work and/or workplace
  • Explore constructive ways to stand up to racism
  • Develop a culture of diversity and inclusion, equity, and allyship
  • Give people the skills to have conversations and approach this subject with ease

The benefits of diversity in the workplace and anti-racism training and consultancy

Antiracism training courses have several advantages, and is about creating change where we are, whether it is withing ourselves, our families, schools, organisations or communities. Some of the key values of antiracism training and consultancy to enable the many benefits of diversity in the workplace, include:

  • Understanding privilege and using it for good and promoting fairness
  • Identifying and learning about peoples’ experience of racial discrimination
  • Enabling engaged listening and building trust
  • Understanding the emotional impact, and agreeing on action to enable change
  • Creating a network of allies to provide support

Antiracist training supports a productive workplace and helps combat explicit and unconscious racial bias within organizations.