Corporate Social Responsibility

Keep It Simple Training Company are committed to creating value for our customers, employees, partners, suppliers, communities, and the environment through our business activities. We believe that CSR is not only a moral duty but also a strategic advantage that can enhance our reputation, competitiveness, innovation, and long-term success.

Keep It Simple’s CSR policy

Our policy covers four main areas: environment (estates), people (human resources), procurement (finance), and community (volunteering). We aim to reduce our environmental impact by minimizing waste, emissions, energy consumption, water usage, etc. We also strive to promote human rights by respecting diversity and inclusion in our workplace culture. We seek to ensure ethical sourcing by following government frameworks for our supply chain contracts. We support local communities by engaging in volunteering activities that align with our values.

UN Global Impact

Our CSR policy is aligned with the United Nations Global Compact principles, which provide a universal framework for businesses to act responsibly towards society. We report on our CSR performance annually through an internal audit process. We welcome feedback from our stakeholders on how we can improve our CSR efforts.