Welcome to our coaching services for individuals and teams in the private, public or charity sectors. This can be done as one-off or block-booked, in person or via online platforms such as Zoom, Teams or Skype.

Antiracism Coaching

Antiracism coaching is a process that helps individuals and organisations identify and address racism and its effects. It is designed to help people understand the ways in which racism operates in society and how it affects individuals and communities. Antiracism coaching can help people develop the skills and knowledge needed to recognise and challenge racism in their personal and professional lives. It can also help organisations create more inclusive environments by addressing systemic racism and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here is the type of coaching provided to support antiracism in the workplace:

Executive Coaching

  • Coaching for those who lead and manage staff, projects or organisations. Also as a way to foster inclusive leadership
  • Can focus on anti-racism strategies and conflict resolution (inter and intra teams conflict) and developing high performing teams
  • Support with creating strategies to implement diversity and inclusion policies

Coaching Supervision

  • This is a service for coaches who want one to one development sessions.
  • Discovery, sticking points and strengths can be discussed here.
  • Supervision for Coaches who provide antiracism coaching

Group Coaching

  • Group coaching is a form of coaching that involves a small group of individuals who share the common goal creating an antiracist work environment
  • It can help participants develop their personal and professional skills, as well as learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives
  • This coaching involves supporting the group to develop interpersonal and rapport-building skills as well as the ability to handle group dynamics and diversity

Our Antiracism Made Simple course may complement any coaching recieved.

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